Riello 40 G20 Burner 95 - 213kW

Riello 40 G20 Burner 95 - 213kW Riello 40 G20 Burner 95 - 213kW

Product Features

  • High power burner suitable for large homes and industrial uses
  • Burns gas oil or kerosene
  • Can be used for some spray booths or powder coating booths
  • 95 to 213kW

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This is a high output burner suitable for industrial applications (such as spray booths), hotels, and other large properties. This oil burner can be fueled by gas oil or kerosene. It may suit some spray booths. This burner outputs a heat of between 95 and 213kW , which is a very high output indeed, so please be sure that your system can handle the heat! Check that your heat exchanger can withstand the high temperatures generated by this burner. A good place to start is by checking to see what the output of your existing burner is (in kW). If your booth does not require this kind of output, then we suggest the Riello 40 G10 which produces 54 - 120kW. The burner comes with an instruction manual, flange, gasket, and braided flexible hose. With over 80 years of experience in design and manufacture, coupled with leading technology and flexible burner design, Riello is the No.1 choice in the UK and Ireland. Riello burners have earned a great reputation for reliability and fuel efficiency. If you have any doubt about which burner is required please don't hesitate to contact us as our staff will be glad to assist you.

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